He is a dancer, singer, teacher, choreographer and actor. He has participated in theatrical shows such as "Tanguera, the Argentine musical", “Tita.. a life in Tango time”, “Solo Tango The Show”, “Tango Connection”, “Tango Bizarro”, “Tango my way…”, “Efecto Tango”, “Tango Caño 14”.. 

He has participated in the Tango houses “Homero Manzi”, “Esquina Carlos Gardel”, “Sabor a Tango”, “Michelangelo”, “Casablanca”, “Cafe Tortoni”..

He participated in the film “Un Tango Más” about the life of María Nieves and Juna Carlos Copes directed by Germán Kral (2015) and in the Film “Tango Fatal” as a singer, actor and dancer, directed by Maximiliano Gomez and Carlos Copello (2006).

He acted alongside Carlos Stasi in the play by Carlos Gorostiza "El Acompañamiento" in the El Cubo Theater, CC Ricardo Rojas and El Juvenil Theater-Bar.

For 6 years, apart from his leading role, he served as a coach choreographer and dance captain of the musical “Tanguera” winner of the ACE Award 2002, with which he toured Europe, Asia and America several times.

He was part of the cast of “Tango Caño 14”, the show that won the starfish at the Best Musical Show, Mar del Plata `98.

He joined the "Grupo Danza Argentina" directed by Héctor Aricó winning the Medal Silver at the International Festival of the Pyrenees, France ́97.

He has danced in important theaters around the world such as the Chekhov Theater in Moscow, the StaatsOper in Berlin, the New York City Center or the Châtelet in Paris...

Since 2001 he has ventured into singing at Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires, Japanese cruise ASUKA, tours in Japan and milongas in Buenos Aires, Sydney and Moscow.

In theater he created his own show of Humor .. “PAF! Moods of Tango” together with Flavio Catuara and Ariel Perez successfully presented at the Teatro Under Porteño and he represented the character "Tuco" in the play "El Acompañamiento" by Carlos Gorostiza.-

He is one of the few dancers who masterfully dominates stage Tango and Tango Salon, for which he has been summoned since the beginning of the championship World Cup of Tango to be a jury in the finals of Tango Escenario and Tango de Track, as well as in the world sub-headquarters.

He has been the partner of great dancers such as the Great Maria Nieves, Milena Plebs, Mora Godoy, Lorena Ermocida... and he has also worked with actress Nacha Guevara.



Is a Tango dance performer, also well trained in contemporary dance, classical ballet, jazz, composition and improvisation. 

She received her education at her home Buenos Aires at the Institutio Universitario Nacional de Artes (IUNA). She has studied tango with well known masters from Buenos Aires including: Gabriel Missé, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida, Gabriel Angio, Natalia Games, Alejandra Armenti and Daniel Juarez. Fatima dances both tango de salon and stage tango, and has worked in many of the great tango houses of Buenos Aires. She has also worked and performed with renown dance companies such as: 'Tanguera', 'Deya vu', 'Tango Malambo', 'Bien de Tango', 'Corporation Tango' and 'Nada mas que malambo'. 

In 2007 she started touring the world, performing and teaching at international Tango festivals in many countries across Asia, Europe and North and South America. 2012 was the year of competition. Fatima registered for two categories and won both the 'Tango de Salon' and 'Milonga' category of the Buenos Aires Championship 2012. In the following World Tango Championship 2012 she placed second in the 'Tango de Salon' category. Then in 2013 she was finalist in another categorie Stage Tango of the World Tango Championship. Through the success and experience her expertise led to invitations to jury in other competitions. 

Fatima lives, performs and teaches Tango at festivals and dance schools around the world, always with the goal to induce applicable technique to develop a personal and natural style. Fatima is mainly touring as a couple with the highly recognized Argentinian dancer Javier Rodriguez. Since 2015 her second home is Berlin. 


European Tango Championship Munster 2021 Champions: Tango de pista and Milonga European Tango Championship Munster 2020 Champions: Tango Stage Finalist of Word Tango Championship 2019 in Buenos Aires Categoria: Tango de Pista, Bi Champions of Preliminary UK Londres Championship 2019 Categoria: Tango de Pista and Tango Stage Champions of Argentinian Tango Baltic Open Cup in 2016 Categoria: Tango de Pista and Tango Vals

Brigita Rodriguez is a professional actress, dancer, choreographer and Argentine tango teacher in her own tango school “Tango Salon”. Lecturer Lithuanian Music and Theare Academy from 2019.

In 2004 Brigita finished her Master‘s degree studies at the Lithuanian Music Academy, faculty of Theatre and Cinema, as a dancing actress and Master of Choreographer. She has practiced various dance styles from folk dance, ballet to contemporary dance. Currently she is working in the dance theatre as a choreographer and dancer. She created some dance performances, two of them are Argentinian tango performances. Brigita started dancing Argentine tango 23 years ago and has been teaching it for 15 years now. Brigita was many time in Buenos Aires and took private lesson with olds master from Argentina. She danced tango show in different and prestigious Milongas from Buenos Aires like Salon Canning , La Baldosa with her tango partner Carlos Rodriguez.

Carlos Rodriguez  professional drama actor from Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy. 2022 finish Lithuanian Music Academy, faculty of Theatre and Cinema like drama actor (physical theatre). Carlos danced non-stop for 28 years and has experience as a traditional family that loves to dance tango. Carlos was born in neighborhood Boedo of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is a well known tango suburb, just around the corner of famous Milonga Club Grisel. He has been influenced by tango from his early days – his grandparents since the 1945 dancing tango in the milongas of Buenos Aires, his uncle Robert played bandoneon since childhood, and his mother which singing tango influenced him to learn dance tango, becouse his family have long Tango traditions. Carlos started his tango career while being 13 years old (1994), performing in a tango show in theater Rancheria in Buenos Aires. Carlos, although young and enthusiastic, can express a whole rainbow of sensations and feelings in his dance – from restrained deep pain and suffering to comprehensive giving love and joy. Carlos is a very passionate and innovative teacher with a vivid imagination.


Milonguera, Argentina, touring the tracks in the wonderful embrace of tango since 1990. Winner of the year 93 in one of the first championships held at the Municipal Theater of the Buenos aires city.

30 years dedicated to teaching this dance, Teacher of tango pista and milonga con traspié with training in pedagogy.

Co-organizer of the Emblematic Gricel Club of Buenos AireS, Organizer of La Milonga del Momento in Chile.

Certified in Tangotherapy, incorporation of this technique in Chile through the work of emotional rehabilitation for older adults.

Three-time National Champion (Chile) in the preliminaries of the 2018 World Cup, obtaining first place in tango pista, milonga and vals.